Islam, the only religion recognized by Allah emphasises that it is the bounden duty and responsibility of a real Muslim to do good and cherishing the wishes of doing good and to co-operate with others in doing the right and good deeds. For this reason, Allah in the Holy Quran has asked the Muslims to help one another in doing the right things with Taqwa. On the otherhand, Prophet (Sm.) has termed those who have engaged themselves in the service of human being as the best persons. For this reason, it is a great deed of sowab as well as the most important way of earning the pleasure of Allah to serve the distressed humanity, to help the needy people and to redress the woes and sufferings of others. And it is only for this reason that we find innumerable examples of serving the humanity and social welfare by our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.), his Sahabah-e kerams (R.) and other dear devotees of Allah.

Service, Education and Dawat– with this three main objectives keeping in view, Al-Markazul Islami, Bangladesh has been established in 1988 with the initiative of a group of religious, dedicated & social serving Ahle-Haque Ulama-e-keram. Al-Markazul Islami, with the inspiration and ideal of social service & serving the humanity as enunciated by Islamic ideology, has been playing an incomparable role in helping & serving the poor and helpless people of Bangladesh.

This organisation has been playing a vital role in (1) construction of mosques in various corners of the country, (2) Printing & distribution of the holy Quran, (3) Establishing Madrasahs and Yatimkhanas in the under developed and backward areas of the country, (4) Establishment of educational institutions of Braily Systems in separate campus for the blind students, (5) Giving sewing Training and distribution of sewing machines to the distressed woman, (6) Imparting computer training to the jobless youths and students, Arranging adult education, (7) Establishment of Darul Ifta of Research & Training for higher Islamic Law and making Islamic Scholars and to help the general religious minded people in giving replies to the Masalas needed to their daily affairs. (8) Establishment of Department of Education for Arabic Language & literature, (9) Running Ambulance Service open for 24 hours, (10) Bathing room for bathing dead bodies free of cost, (11) Distribution of Tube-wells & Deep Tube-wells free of cost to the poor people for supplying pure drinking water, (12) Service of Modern General Hospital, (13) Eye Hospital, (14) Lovely Smile Programme for the children born with cutting lip or nose, (15) Iftari Programme, (16) Qurbani Programme, (17) Distribution of warm cloths during winter, (18) Rehabilitation of widows, (19) Emergency relief & rehabilitation, (20) Cyclone Shelter, (21) Marriage for the poor, (22) Dairy Farm, (23) Free Medical Camp, (24) Rehabilitation of the newly converted Muslims, (25) Distribution of Rickshaws, Vans and Boats to the poor, and (26) Construction of houses free of cost for the poor.


Islam is the only religion recognized by Allah. It connotes a complete code of human lives. With this end in view, Islamic activities in Bangladesh are conducted through numerous Mosques, Madrasah and Maktabs but those endeavors are only limited to Islamic education programs. For extending other help and services to the poor and destitute Al-Markazul Islami is playing an incomparable role in such scenarios. By the inspiration of great Islamic ideals, this organization is providing education , medical supports , related treatments, ambulance facilities and other different services to the people. Al-Markazul Islami, Bangladesh was established totally by the Ulamae-Keram’s (Islamic Scholars) in the year 1988 as a service rendering organization keeping in view the three main objectives of the organization, which are

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