Various Social service rendering activities have been conducting by our voluntary social service organization. # If Corona (Covid-19) is infected and dies, contact our Burial Team: Team (A) 01922778877, Team (B) 01907087116, To get the body bath and ambulance service contact this number: 01316111688, 01995559999. # করোনা (কোভিড-19) এ আক্রান্ত হয়ে মৃত হলে আমাদের দাফন-কাফন টিমের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন : টিম (এ ) 01922778877, টিম (বি) 0197087116, লাশ গোসল ও এম্বুলেন্স সেবা পেতে এই নম্বারে যোগাযোগ করুন : 01316111688, 01995559999. #

মানুষ মানুষের জন্য

খাদ্য বিতরণ কর্মসূচি ২০২০

Qurbani Programm

Qurbani Programme, in every year, on the occasion of the Edul-Azha, Cows & Goats are sacrificed and beef & meet is distributed among the poor muslims country

Al-Markazul Islami Bangladesh
activities in

COVID 19 issue

Contuct Burial Team for Service :
Team (A) 01922778877
Team (B) 01907087116

bKash Merchant Account


Nogod Account


Eye treatment & Hospital

Relief For Helpless

Tube well Project


Masjid Complex

Lovely Smile

Cyclone Shelter

Dead Body Bathing

Disable People Facility

Orphan Project

Swing Training

Free Distribution of The HOLY QURAN

In order to develop the awareness of reading the Holy Quran among the poor students and general public

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Marriage Program For The Poor

A program has been taken by Al-Markazul Islami to Solemnize marriages between poor men and women of the country. A marriage ceromoney program requires $650 to perform it

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Rickshaws and Vans for the Poor

There are so many poor people in Bangladesh that they have to live from hand to mouth. Al-Markazul Islami has a programe to provide them employment and so distribute Rickshaws & Van among the Poor.

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Qurbani Program

In every year on the holy occasion of the ‘Eidul Azha’ Al-Markazul Islami distributes beefs/meats of cows & goats among the poor.

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Iftari Programme.

This organization Chalk out a program for arrangement and distribution of Iftari in Mosque and madrashas during the month of Ramadan.

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Rehabilitation for Converted Muslims

Al-Markazul Islami arranges scope of suitable employment for the converted Muslims to Rehabilitation them.
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Know About Zakaah

Give Zakat To The Needy
Zakat For COVID- 19 Relief Fund

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Ask the Mufti

If you require an Islamic Fatwa regarding a certain matter, please enter your name, email address, the topic, and send us your question. Darulfatwa shall respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Ongoing activities

By this time, it is wel-known to everybody CORONA (COVID-19) has spread almost all over the world. Bangladesh is also a great victim of this serious virus. As a result, thousands of people are becoming very poor and helpless.  so to speak mostly without food. So they are completely depended on relief. In this context we have been planning to distribute food to such people. Besides, we are managing burial of corona dead bodies.  

Al-Markazul Islami Bangladesh