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Free Distribution of The HOLY QURAN

In order to develop the awareness of reading the Holy Quran among the poor students and general public

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Marriage Program

A program has been taken by Al-Markazul Islami to Solemnize marriages between poor men and women of the country. A marriage ceromoney program requires $650 to perform it

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Rickshaws and Vans Dist....

In Bangladesh many poor people who have to live from hand to mouth. Al-Markazul Islami has a programe to provide them employment

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Qurbani Program

In every year on the holy occasion of the ‘Eidul Azha’ Al-Markazul Islami distributes beefs/meats of cows & goats among the poor.

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Iftari Programme.

This organization arranges distribution of Iftari in Mosque and madrashas during the month of Ramadan.

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Rehabilitation for Converted Muslims

Al-Markazul Islami arranges scope of suitable employment for the converted Muslims to Rehabilitation them.
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Eye treatment & Hospital

Relief For Helpless

Tube well Project


Masjid Complex

Lovely Smile

Cyclone Shelter

Dead Body Bathing

Disable People Facility

Orphan Project

Swing Training

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Founder & Chairman, Al-Markazul Islami (AMI)

Ex-Member of Parliament, Narial-2

Introduction:  Mohammad Shahidul Islam is a very famous person in the community of Muslims in Bangladesh. He is a very dedicated person for the service of ill-trodden humanity.

Birth:  He was born in a respected Muslim Sarder family on the 15th March 1960 at village: Khabaspur, P.S: Kotowali, Dist: Faridpur.  His father`s name is Mohammad Shamsul Haque Sardar and his Mother`s Name is Mrs Anowara Begum. She was very well known among the local women for her devotion to Islam and Al-Quran. His grandfather Abdul Wahid was a very famous person of the Sarder Family.

Education: Mohammad Shahidul Islam has been very talented and genius from his boyhood. His parents were very much moved and they admitted him at Ghaohourdanga Madrasa in 1972. he became Hafiz with credit in 1975, and Completed Urdu and Farsi courses in that Madrasa successfully. After that, he studied at Jamia Mohammadia Madrasa, Jatrabari and at Jamia Qurania Arabia, Lalbag, Dhaka. After Studying there, he went to Binnury Town Jamiatul Uloom Al- Islamia, Karachi and Completed Dawra-e Hadith in 1986. Then he was admitted to Ifta and completed an Islamic law course.

Social Activates: When he was a student of Ifta, he founded the Islami Welfare Society in 1988. At that time, a serious flood flew over Bangladesh and lacs of people were victims of that flood. Then he founded the Islami Welfare Society in order to help those flood victims of Bangladesh.  He collected relief goods and came to Bangladesh for the distribution of relief among those flood victims. Them Mawlana Mufti Ahmad Shami and Mawlana Mufti Nayeem were his famous associate.

Establishment of Al-Markazul Islami: From his boyhood, he was very much dedicated to the service of the poor, helpless and distressed people. In order to serve humanity, he established Al-Markazul Islami in 1988. Henceforth Al-Markazul Islami has been doing many social welfare activities. ceaselessly one after another. Under his prompt guidance. One of his most important social welfare activities is the foundation of Al-Markazul Islami Hospital in 1994.


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